PACN has Executive Board (EB) which contains 9 members out of which 6 are female and 3 are male including 6 Madhesi, 1 Janjati and 3 Dalits. EB is responsible for managing and monitoring overall function of PACN. The president of the organization is female. Organization’s supreme governing body is Annual General meeting comprising 19 members (6 female). There is clear demarcation of governing body and managerial body. EB appoints Executive Director who looks after operational and managerial functioning of the organization. Executive committee directs and provides strategic support to managerial unit to perform day to day activities. Besides that, senior management team does meet regularly. Minutes for meetings are prepared to document procedures, agenda, discussion and decisions of meeting. The committed governing body has divided its roles and responsibilities and monitoring overall effectiveness of the program based on their thematic areas likewise education, health, natural resource management and livelihood, HIV/AIDs, WASH, DRR, Climate Change, Safer Migration, Solid Waste Disposal, Alternative Energy, media mobilization and child protection in terms of providing strategic direction to the organization in line with its VMGO.